Protection from the Heart

Our Coatings provide a diverse range of innovative and unique industrial coatings that sustainably take on the world’s harshest environments and challenges.

Worldwide there is a relentless environment from the seas to the cities, the outback to the tropics. The barrage of heat, fire, corrosion, acids, mould, biofouling, lead paint and asbestos encapsulation is unyielding. Our Coatings have proven tough, innovative industrial coatings creates long standing, future proof solutions in difficult environments that protect industrial assets.

We have the same high standards in values, quality and innovation as the award-winning manufacturers Superior Products International II, Inc. (SPI) we distribute worldwide.

For over 30 years, SPI has researched, developed and tested proven solutions to real world problems of heat, corrosion and sealants. Each of our coatings has the backing of innovative, extensive scientific trials, both in the lab and the field. SPI holds the distinction of having scientific research and testing relationships with major corporations around the world, including NASA.

When a company or industry is challenged to resolve a problem with heat, corrosion, sealants, we step up to deliver the tough coatings needed and we deliver the results that are globally tested and proven.

Each coating offers more than claims of results — the proof is in the successful application and use of our coatings by some of the world’s largest corporations including Nissan, Exxon-Mobil, Mitsubishi, US Army, Sony, Saudi Aramco Oil, Halliburton, Berkshire Hathaway Energy, Pemex, Chevron, Gazprom Oil, Workstrings International and more.

Industrial, commercial, government, marine, cold and cold storage, mining and energy and more we have the coatings that work for a long time with our exclusive, innovative formulations.

We have a commitment to solve the most challenging problems in the most difficult environments globally and our coatings bring a new innovation to any industry.

It’s tough ever-changing environment and strong protection has never been more important!

We focus on Future proofing with quality, tested and tough protection solutions!

We’re really proud our coating solutions absolutely help protect, shield and insulate your industrial world.

Innovative coating solutions from us truly address the most aggressive environmental challenges you may face and protect your assets long-term as they stand the test of time.

High performance coatings have entered a new era based on advanced science, chemistry and nature!

Super Therm® Energy Saving Ceramic Cool Coating was developed with NASA and passively reflects 96.1% of total solar heat and helps with energy savings with reduced emissions. It was tested to block 99.5% infrared. It is used by the military including the US Army Corps, US Airforce and leading global corporations.

Rust Grip® is rated No. 1 by the Society of Petroleum Engineers for corrosion protection in a 8 year field study by Chevron and Workstrings International along with being the only coating that actually encapsulates lead-paint and asbestos unlike any other and utilized by the US Army for remediation of buildings and tanks.

If future proofing your industrial assets is important…really important, while reducing your CO2 towards Net Zero emissions, We have a diverse range of industrial solutions that meet the toughest challenges.

Contact us for more information or to find a local Dealer/Application and future proof your industrial assets with tough protection.